White Knight Chess Academy's Shaurya Ghelani Triumphs in U10 Category

6/29/20241 min read

Shaurya Ghelani's Remarkable Achievement

White Knight Chess Academy is proud to announce that our student, Shaurya Ghelani, has won the 1st prize in the U10 category at the recent chess tournament held at Orbis School, Pune. Shaurya's exceptional performance saw him go unbeaten, scoring an impressive 6 out of 6 points.

The Journey to Victory

The tournament was a true test of skill and determination. Shaurya faced numerous talented opponents, each match demanding strategic prowess and mental fortitude. Despite the challenges, Shaurya remained focused and resilient, showcasing his advanced understanding of the game and his ability to stay calm under pressure.

Support from Family and Coach

Congratulations are in order not only for Shaurya but also for his dedicated parents and his coach. The unwavering support from his family and the expert guidance from his coach played a crucial role in his success. Their encouragement and mentorship have been instrumental in honing Shaurya's chess skills and instilling a competitive spirit in him.

Future Prospects

With this significant victory, Shaurya Ghelani has set a high benchmark for his peers at the White Knight Chess Academy. His triumph at the Orbis School tournament is expected to open up new opportunities for him in the chess circuit. We look forward to seeing more of his remarkable talent in future competitions.

Once again, congratulations to Shaurya, his parents, and his coach. The White Knight Chess Academy is immensely proud of this outstanding achievement and is committed to nurturing young talents to reach their full potential.