Christmas chess camp

Online Chess Camp at 1 pm IST


12/19/20231 min read

White Knight Chess Academy is excited to conduct an online chess camp from 25-29th December. The session will be of 45 mins. The seminar will go in 2 levels for beginner and intermediate level.

The beginner level will learn

Day 1: Piece movement (Rook, Bishop, Queen and King).

Day 2: Piece movement(Pawn and Knight).

Day 3: Captures, Attack and Defend.

Day 4: Check and Checkmate.

Day 5: Opening Principles.

The intermediate level will learn

Day 1: Mate in 3.

Day 2: Tactics: Double attack.

Day 3: Tactics: Discovered attack.

Day 4: Tactics: Pin.

Day 5: Tactics: Skewer.

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