Intermediate level Syllabus for Chess Players

If you are looking to become a decent chess player this syllabus is for you. This are the things you must know to become a good chess player.

DI Ashirwad Tupe

8/23/20231 min read

Intermediate Level Syllabus for chess players
Intermediate Level Syllabus for chess players
  • Once your kid knows all the contents from the beginner's syllabus you can start with intermediate level syllabus.

  • In this part of training period we focus on improving the middle game calculations. The portion is divided in 3 parts 20% opening, 60% middle game and 20% Endgame.

  • The teach duration of classes should increase to 50 mins-60 mins.

  • Kids should do puzzles everyday from the puzzle book or online. 1-2 games should be played everyday to see significant improvement in the game.

  • Coach should show lots of classic games in the classes for the kids to learn about planning and ideas of great chess players.

    Following is the portion for intermediate level kids:

  1. Double Attack, Fork & defense.

  2. Discovered attack and discovered check.

  3. Pin, types of Pins.

  4. Skewer(Should be taught immediately after Pin).

  5. Decoy and Deflection.

  6. Clearance.

  7. Overloading.

  8. Back Rank.

  9. Games

  10. Thematic Sacrifice- Bh7/Bh2.

  11. Thematic Sacrifice-Nf7/Nf2.

  12. Thematic Sacrifice- Ne6.

  13. Thematic Sacrifice-Bh6.

  14. Attacking the uncastled king.

  15. Attacking the castled king.

  16. Games that show what happens if opening principles are broken.

  17. Basic Endgames.

  18. Forcing Moves.

  19. Prophylaxis.

  20. Sacrifice.

  21. Drawback

  22. Pawn Majority.

  23. Bishop and Pawn ending.

  24. Double Bishop vs Bishop and Pawn ending.

  25. Improving Pieces.

  26. Knight and Pawn endings.

  27. Attacking the King.

  28. Rook and Pawn endings.

  29. King and Pawn endings.

  30. The Accelerators.

  31. Active Defense.

  32. Initiatives.

  33. Understanding the weak squares.

  34. Centralisation.

  35. King activity.

  36. Pawn Breaks.

  37. Building an opening repertiore.

  38. Maintaining Tension.

  39. Intermediate moves.

  40. Classic Games(games before computer).

    NOTE: This portion is designed keeping in mind that we are teaching the kids and some may say that there are lot more topics to be

    included. This portion is good enough to make you decent player in chess. Adding more things will take you to become an advanced player.