Beginner's Syllabus for Chess Players

We at White Knight Chess Academy follow a certain pattern to teach kids and make game interesting for them. We have experience of coaching kids for 8 years now and we have seen this way work quiet well.

DI Ashirwad Tupe

8/14/20231 min read

beginner syllabus for chess players
beginner syllabus for chess players

Things a Beginner in Chess Should Know (kids 5-7).

Duration- 3 months(24 classes, 2 classes/week)

Remember that these kids are new to the game. So, our main target is that kids should like the game. You must keep the game fun. Don't rush into making them pro immediately. You will see the signs if your kid is pro

Teaching duration should be 20-40 mins and remaining time should be allotted for playing games.

Here are things the kid should learn in their 3 months of chess classes.

1. How to set the board.

2. Names of the pieces and how to move them.

3. Chess notations and how to write the game.

4. Difference between attack and capture.

5. How to get out of check.

6. What is check and checkmate.

7. How to check mate in one move.

8. What is stale mate.

9. Castling and Pawn promotion.

10. Opening principles

Read more about opening principles here

11. Endgame Checkmate with queen and king, 2 rooks, single Rook.

12. Scholar’s mate and how to stop it.

13.Illegal moves

The topics need not be covered in sequence.

Note that lot of kids learn quiet fast so you should match their speed, otherwise there are chances of them getting bored.


  • Each class see that the kids have understood what you have taught. If there is something that any or some kids have not understood, take them aside while letting other kids play game.

  • Ask the kids what we learned in last class to refresh their memory.

  • Sometimes you may have to spend the whole class making kids play game. But it should be done only once in 4 classes.

  • After teaching how the pawn moves you can make kids play pawn game. In pawn game there are no other pieces and the target it to make 1 pawn cross the whole board. Whose ever pawn reaches the last line of the board first wins.

Beginner's Syllabus for Chess Players